See how Seema's skills helped Norristown Ministries Inc on an Identify Success Metrics project.

sunanda c.

Norristown Ministries Inc

Motivated by God's love, the Center provides basic needs and social services to those experiencing homelessness and poverty.

What did sunanda need?

At the present time we track output based measurements and would like to focus on capturing more of the outcome based measurements. This will assist us in communicating the important aspects of the work we do. At the present time we are not accurately reporting on the immense amount of work we do on a daily basis.

I enjoyed working with Sunanda on identifying outcomes based success metrics for her organization. She was very responsive in providing input and feedback as we worked through the project. They do a lot of work to assist the poor and homeless in their community and I wish them all the best.
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Seema Q.


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Feb 6, 2017


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Seema Q.


Senior product management professional with over 10 years of industry experience in medical devices. Skilled at balancing customer needs, business and technology in developing products. Strong ability to reduce ambiguity and distill complex data into relevant information. Experienced at working w...
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What did Seema have to offer?

Anybody can experience hard times. Some may need additional help to get through the difficulties and get back on their feet. I would be happy to assist you in achieving your goals and positively impact the lives of your clients. I am results oriented and highly analytical with the ability to gather and analyze data. The conclusions from the data analysis are used to make various decisions like go/no go, progress towards meeting expectations, identify areas of improvement etc. I believe I can meet your deliverables and address your needs.

Seema was a very professional in her approach to the project. She began the project promptly and was very responsive throughout the project. . She took time to listen to the organizations needs and helped us identify success metrics which are very clearly stated, easy to track and I look forwa...
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sunanda c.

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