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Creative Tech Works Design Studio

Creative Tech Works' mission is to produce socially conscious, diverse tech talent actively engaged leading inclusive competitiveness in the digital economy.

What did CreativeTechWorks need?

We've done an amazing job and have a recognized brand for producing urban tech talent. We need a concise way to explain that CTW is advancing "inclusive competitiveness", which spins diversity from a "good to do if you can" to a "fun and effective to do" economic imperative. We have the results but need clear narrative that influences thought leaders to engage us in transformative social and economic justice - using tech as one tool. We live and work in the biggest poorest city in America, and want to help ourselves and others accelerate collaboration to scale this work

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Feb 14, 2017


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Ellie E.


I am a young professional currently working with a privately run integrative medical centre. My background is in sales and marketing but my personal passion has always been writing. Being part of small teams has opened up all kinds of opportunities to apply that passion to business and over the l...
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What did Ellie have to offer?

I'm passionate about the future of hands-on, real-world learning, and when it can translate into innovation that makes a positive impact I'm even more inspired. I am excited to help communicate the value of an initiative like yours, both for the young people directly involved and for society as a whole. I'm a writer and a storyteller by nature, and with 5+ years of varied sales and marketing experience, I've refined my ability to analyze and interpret an audience and tailor storytelling content accordingly. I believe that I can positively, accurately, and effectively represent your organization in a way that engages your target audience.

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