See how Brock's skills helped Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance on a Compensation Plan project.

Stuart A.

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

We lead, strengthen and amplify the voices of a cultural community that ignites creativity, inspires people and is essential for a healthy region.

What did Stuart need?

We are a strong organization that has lost some significant funding over the past two years and have had to cut back on staff. We have an excellent staff, but we are aware that our salaries are not what they should be for certain positions. In order to retain and attract the best people, we want to do a small-scale compensation study to compare our salaries/benefits with other organizations of similar size in our region. We need guidance on how to best do the comparison and build a compensation plan that will guide us going forward.

Stuart was an exceptional client for a compensation project -- very clearly defined the scope of the analysis from the outset, asked great questions, and was very receptive to all of my recommendations and advice. I wish the Alliance all the best as they continue providing a great service to the ...
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Brock M.


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Feb 14, 2017


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Brock M.


I am a Seattle-based compensation consultant with seven years of large-enterprise experience. I also freelance as an HR consultant to small businesses and nonprofits across the U.S. I have completed a significant number of both paid and volunteer hours as an external consultant helping small busi...
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What did Brock have to offer?

I am motivated to help organizations like yours because it gives me a chance to volunteer with a rare set of skills and experiences and to help solve complex HR issues. Developing communities through creativity and cooperation is very noble and incredibly impactful. I’m eager to support that cause in any way I can. For this compensation plan project, I bring valuable experience to the table in the design and implementation of both base pay and variable pay programs. I have knowledge of corporate compensation practices as well as nonprofit compensation practices, having completed more than 8 Catchafire engagements since I started in 2014. I also offer access to some of the best market data in the world through my memberships in trade associations. I’m excited to hear about your challenges and to get started on the project!

I can't speak highly enough about my experience with our volunteer, Brock. He completed a compensation study for us in very short period of time that will be very beneficial for us as we plan our budget for our next fiscal year and for making changes over time to more appropriately compensate ou...
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Stuart A.

Volunteer Manager

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