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mark o.

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, Inc

The mission at Kimberton Hills is to create and maintain a land-based community together with adults with special needs. Inspired by Anthroposophy, members of the community support one another to contribute to the wider society through biodynamic agriculture, handcrafts, and other ecological, so...
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What did mark need?

We would like to talk about hiring a new Director of Development. Tips and critical questions to ask of prospects. The best place(s) to advertise for the position.

Mark and the folks at Camphill Kimberton Hills are doing wonderful things! If you're out in their neck of the woods, volunteer!
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Stacey B.


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Feb 9, 2017


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Stacey B.


Twenty years of recruiting experience with a diverse background. Passionate about Open Source software and an expert on Text SMS communications. If you need recruiting strategy help, free software for your business, or would like to implement a Texting (SMS) strategy, I can help.

What did Stacey have to offer?

I would love to help in any way that I can. I have a deep and extensive background in recruiting including setting strategy for targeted searches. I like what is happening at Camphill Village Kimberton. I have special needs family members, and to see people volunteering long term is heartwarming. Feel free to contact me if I can assist.

Stacey was very helpful. He made time to listen carefully and offered very good advice. We are going to work together a bit more as an hour went by quickly.
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mark o.

Volunteer Manager

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