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Selina M.

Philadelphia Folklore Project

The Philadelphia Folklore Project works to sustain vital and diverse living cultural heritage in communities in our region through collaborative projects, research, documentation and education, prioritizing folk and traditional arts in service of social change.

What did Selina need?

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary and are shifting our fundraising strategy. Instead of an annual benefit, we'd like to host a program where our donors are the "producers" so that the impact of community support for our work is immediately visible. In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we'll host a screening of a new documentary about local Liberian singers which will be "produced" by our community (individuals and corporations).

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Feb 20, 2017


Ling B.


I have strong commitment to the performing arts, contemporary and traditional/classical, because I believe that the live interactions between performers and the audience are what sink into each human being as a form of energetic give-and-take that will become a source for future social instincts ...
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What did Ling have to offer?

The digital era is turning more workers into fast thinkers. The folkloric arts present the ancestral (or living elders') instinctive solutions to whatever obstructs the momentum to evolve as human beings; they will teach us how to use our instincts and think on our feet. The Philadelphia Folklore Project's marketing is truly essential so the folkoric arts compete against the commercial arts operating with huge budgets for the sake of popular entertainment. The general public needs to the folkloric arts which can provide entertainment while celebrating and transmitting our basic human ability to share and do good. In 2015 I started an independent insurance brokerage with my husband in Westport CT, Arktouros Insurance Llc, which is all about sales and marketing; I am the website creator, marketing strategist, sales lead developer. To create (near completion), I assessed present vs. future office/field operations, regulatory compliance, cyber security, cost-effectiveness of marketing software and industry associations. The cost-effectiveness needed thorough analysis despite the simple and low-cost measures chosen so our future operations can grow on a tight budget. As an independent scholar of ancient art, I am keenly aware of marketing a point of view (the mission goal).

Ling was very helpful for brainstorming at the start of my marketing campaign.
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Selina M.

Volunteer Manager

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