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Denise A.


To provide job and literacy training program to the underserved population of the community in order for them to become self sufficient. Our training includes community revitalization, family literacy, life skills and cultural enrichment programs.

What did Denise need?

OIC has been providing wonderful training programs for over 51 years. However, these numbers are not captured in ways that will attract new and increased donors. We need to attract those interested in data and facts to increase our funds to continue operating quality programs

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Feb 19, 2017


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Sowjanya R.

Volunteer Specialties: SERIES 7, 3 , 66

What did Sowjanya have to offer?

I have always believed that adequate training is the best approach in success of program. The emphasis placed on data presentation in excel in order to attract those interested in data and facts is highly effective in Grants approval. I would like to help your work with my background in Excel. I have 5 years of experience in the finance industry, and also have experience in market research industry with focus on surveys design, data analysis, report writing. A lot of my work has been performed using Excel, Google spreadsheets.

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