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Sherry P.

Bucks County Housing Group

Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG) works to advance the interests of homeless and low-income individuals and families and people in crisis in securing safe, affordable housing in the community.

What did Sherry need?

We would like to talk about creating a survey to gauge the effectiveness of our counseling program. We want to find the best survey questions and vehicle.

Sherry from Bucks County Housing Group was specific and thoughtful in her approach to gathering information about implementation of a web-based survey program. Interesting agency and mission. Would readily work with them again.
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Marc C.


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Mar 7, 2017


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Marc C.


Dr. Marc Celentana earned a BA in Economics from Franklin and Marshall College and PhD in Psychology from Miami University. Upon completion of the PhD., Marc was awarded a fellowship at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta where he developed expertise in leadership coaching, organizati...
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What did Marc have to offer?

I possess considerable expertise in survey design, data collection, statistical analyses, and communicating results to both professional and lay audiences. I am familiar with Survey Monkey but may be able to make other recommendations. Additionally, for the past decade I have worked with HomeFront, a Mercer County, NJ based homeless and social services organization; as such, I am familiar with matters related to the work of your organization. Fun fact, I live in Ewing, NJ, right across the Delaware River from Bucks Co. Please let me know if I can be of assistance as you contemplate this important organizational effort.

Excellent phone call. Marc was extremely helpful in outlining our options and why he was making the recommendations he made, as well as giving us an expectation of the time required to complete the project.
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Sherry P.

Volunteer Manager

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