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Messapotamia L.

AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania

Founded in 1988, the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania is a nonprofit public-interest law firm providing free legal assistance to people living with HIV and AIDS and those affected by the epidemic. We are still the nation’s only independent public-interest law firm dedicated to HIV and AIDS. We se...
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What did Messapotamia need?

We would like help with incorporating our new logo/branding into a visual redesign of our website, improving user interface, and search engine optimization.

Messapotamia was great to speak with, he had very good questions and was interested in ways to improve their website.
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Gen H.


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Feb 27, 2017


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Gen H.


Note: I only accept 1-hour calls as volunteer projects. I am a freelance web designer & developer working for several SEO & Marketing agencies. I develop, maintain, and extend WordPress websites. I have a lot of experience remodeling and giving face-lifts to existing WordPress websites.

What did Gen have to offer?

I develop & redesign websites as my day job. So I'm quite familiar with rebranding.

Gen was really knowledgeable and helpful. She is very professional and gives constructive feedback.
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Messapotamia L.

Volunteer Manager

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