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Chris S.

Pulley & Buttonhole Theatre Company

At Pulley & Buttonhole Theatre Company we encourage communication and compassion in our community and beyond through the power and persuasion of good storytelling. We see Pulley & Buttonhole Theatre Company as the gathering place for the artistic heart of our community. At Pulley & Buttonhole T...
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What did Chris need?

I'd like to brainstorm ideas for trying to get more people to our theatre. We are very active on Facebook and Instagram, but when we pay to advertise, we aren't seeing results.

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Oct 31, 2019


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Hello Everyone My name is DeMarco and i am here to help! I have plenty of experiences in bootstrapping small business. So, I know what it's like to wear all the hats when you are a small organization. I will be the first to you that I am not great at everything, but I do know enough to h...
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What did DEMARCO have to offer?

I have experience with facebook ads. I can see how you are promoting your business and go from there. We can use Zoom. It is a screen sharing software and I will be able to look at your analytics

Demarco was great. He explained a variety of items that we can take advantage of to help us get our social media working for us. He was very patient and clear.
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Chris S.

Volunteer Manager

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