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Susan M.

Darby Creek Valley Association

DCVA is a nonprofit watershed organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the watershed and its resources, including water, wildlife, historical sites, floodplains,wetlands, and riparian zones.

What did Susan need?

Trying to convey the importance of the water quality, how it has changed in our area over the years. Pre industry to now, what the definition of Fishable , drinkable , and swimmable means quantitatively where we stand now.

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Nov 6, 2019


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Elisha W.


I am an experienced Environmental Scientist in the water resources field. My professional history includes consulting, regulatory and research positions focusing on water quality. Originally from California, I am currently finishing an expat adventure in Denmark and looking to find opportunities ...
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What did Elisha have to offer?

I pursued an education and career in water resources as I feel clean water is one of the biggest problems we face. Right now I am not working in the field but I feel I have the skills and time to help address existing water quality issues. During my time employed as an environmental consultant and regulator, I routinely worked with water quality sets to determine historical and current water quality conditions. This included tracking down water quality data online.

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