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Mujahiddeen M.

New Freedom Institute

Citizenship, Ownership, Responsibility and Ethics

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This project will help our organization get more involved and become more efficient in our community's quality of life.

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Nov 7, 2019


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Phillippa O.


What I do: I work with SME's in Africa and Global organisations curving out their talent pipeline through sourcing interviewing on boarding and putting together teams and placing individuals across a company's business in order to be productive and strategically placed to get the job of their dre...
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What did Phillippa have to offer?

I am passionate about people. And seeing your mission centered on providing treatment and rehabilitation for young adults as well thus giving them a second chance in life is close to my heart. With a HR background of 8 years now, my role has evolved into the specialist area where I have gained experience building teams, talent management, creating recruitment frameworks, creating assessment tools for specialized teams and streamlining organizational processes while creating a strategic organizational plan that will drive company goals. I am well versed with creating Board Recruitment plans and bringing together the right talent through assessment and evaluation to achieve the organisations mission.

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