See how Miranda's skills helped Five Loaves & Two Fish Unlimited- HERO Inc. on a Facilitated Strategy Session project.

Chiwishi A.

Five Loaves & Two Fish Unlimited- HERO Inc.

HERO empowers,educates and equips youth to pursue a debt free degree, pursue entrepreneurship, build strong families and build their community.

What did Chiwishi need?

HERO is at a critical point in our development We have over 25 young people dealing w/ t traumatic situations daily seeking financial assistance to stay in school and sometimes hopeless due to their familial struggles We have been successful with acquiring In-Kind partnerships with companies. We have not organizations been successful in acquiring financial resources needed to serve our families most effectively . Our Board has requested Training in several areas Our volunteers are ready to work more effectively to support our mission Staff is volunteering without a salary. Students need more daily and weekly checking and reminders.

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Nov 19, 2019


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Miranda C.


Experienced nonprofit professional focused on operations and systems solutions for capacity building and efficiency. Interest areas include intercultural communication, inclusion, and design thinking. Particularly passionate about maximizing the impact of philanthropy to create sustainable, innov...
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What did Miranda have to offer?

I am inspired by your programs which cultivate healing through action. I understand that your staff must be exceptionally passionate about the mission, as I am sure I would be. I hope that I can support that passion through helping you align your strategy for the greatest impact. Organizational development is my passion, and I have facilitated countless strategy sessions for nonprofit organizations. I feel confident that I can provide comprehensive facilitation techniques to your strategy session.

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