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Frances S.

Chester Community Coalition

To heal the psychological and emotional impact of homicides and reduce trauma-related reactive violence in the City of Chester, PA

What did Frances need?

We provide free trauma-informed behavioral health services to families in Chester that have been bereaved by homicide or where someone has been assaulted. We need to become better known in the community. We need health professionals who can make referrals to us to know about us. We need to be able to present ourselves to potential donors.

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Nov 15, 2019


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Ivan Y.


15 years of building lasting relationships with the clients across the world. Having the background in interaction design, naturally advocating for 'the end-user', while collaborating with client and delivery teams building successful products and services. Hands-on experience in management a...
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What did Ivan have to offer?

Looking to bring high-end commercial experience to the people that would truly Benefit from it, without overwhelming costs associated. Me and my teams have been working on design and brand communication strategies with some big brands and companies, like McDonalds, Lush Cosmetics, Martha Stewart and others. I do manage design projects on a daily basis and realize how much time and money is being put in the projects like this.

Ivan had very helpful comments and suggestions.
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Frances S.

Volunteer Manager

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