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Lori B.

Redemption Housing

Redemption Housing is a recovery organization that offers faith-based programming and community support to Philadelphians coming out of incarceration and homelessness. We invite these marginalized people back into community to free them from bondage, and we address their needs as whole people to ...
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What did Lori need?

Our End of year newsletter allows us to keep our donors, volunteers and potential partners informed,and engaged with our mission progress and resident success over the year. As well as express gratitude and value of donor contributions to encourage continued support of mission and future endeavors. Lastly, it serves as a message of reentry advocacy.

Dr. Lo is such a competent, well-rounded, and spiritually developed person. This is a great team - with an exceptional Executive Director Dr. Lo - doing important work and I am sure those they assist know how blessed they are. Lo offered excellent feedback and was extremely organized. I would re...
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Susan P.


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Nov 18, 2019


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Susan P.


A senior and extremely experienced researcher, writer, data analysis expert and creative (strategies, taglines, script work et. al.) Particular expertise in working remotely. Taught creative writing and broader education courses at University level. An educator at other levels. Worked rese...
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What did Susan have to offer?

Reentry programs are extremely important and deserve support. Hello Lori, I'd welcome assisting you. I am in Australia and can only offer Skype as an interview platform but if you are happy to accept me and share what documents you currently have, I can get started and you could perhaps Skype after I create a draft. Is this workable for you?

Redemption Housing is so grateful to Ms. Sue for the wonderful work she did in storytelling for our Newsletter project. Front he start she displayed great passion and connection with our mission, her expertise in literature, & writing skills as well as her geographical setting (in Oz) provided a ...
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Lori B.

Volunteer Manager

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