See how Christopher R.'s skills helped Sunrise of Philadelphia on an Employee Review Process project.

What did Laura need?

We have been working on improving employee retention and promotion over the past year. We have worked to streamline our hiring and onboarding process and started an HR Working Group to identify and work on other areas. This project has been an organizational goal for some time and will make a large impact organization wide for our employees. Targeted support will help to accelerate our timeline for completion.

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Jan 30, 2020


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Christopher R. F.


My passions are protecting and conserving our natural resources, encouraging individuals in their artistic expression, psychology, and helping organizations develop pro-social policies and cultures.

What did Christopher R. have to offer?

I am passionate about giving children the best possible education so that they may grow into strong adults that improve our society. I have multiple years of training employees, as well as reviewing their progress within the organization. Further, I have developed review materials and processes where they were lacking in the organization.

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