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Jacqueline M.

Camp Jamison

Camp Jamison's mission is to provide an inclusive, affordable, and diverse traditional overnight summer camp experience for all Philadelphia children. Camp Jamison offers a range of activities as well as social and emotional benefits. Camp Jamison's founder, Jacqueline (Christy) McDonough, creat...
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What did Jacqueline need?

We will use this flyer to help advertise our summer camp so that more children will be able to attend.

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Jan 15, 2020


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Taylor M.


Hello! My name is Taylor and I have professional experience in graphic design, product design, and marketing. I am adaptable, positive, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, an awesome team player, and an overall fun person. I have always been interested in designing things for non-profit organizations...
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What did Taylor have to offer?

I am interested in this project because I am passionate about the concept of getting kids outdoors! I currently work at a climbing gym as a youth climbing team coach and have firsthand experienced how getting the kids outdoors can affect them in a positive way. I also support the fact that your organization is entirely volunteer ran! I have professional experience in graphic design and have designed many flyers and brochures for various clients and causes. I feel I have the skills and experience to bring an creative and efficient approach to this project!

Taylor was communicative and great to work with!
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Jacqueline M.

Volunteer Manager

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