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James B.

Jounce Partners

Jounce Partners accelerates learning for students in underserved communities by helping teachers and principals get better, faster. We remake schools as true learning organizations, where rapid iteration, high repetition practice, careful modeling, and the constant infusion of new knowledge al...
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What did James need?

At Jounce, we spend a lot of time, attention, and energy on our core mission of improving student outcomes by improving teaching quality. We spend very little on presentation, where we don't know what we don't know. Even a few hours of your time would not only be greatly appreciated, but would almost certainly provide a huge boost to our annual report, the outward facing representation of Jounce.

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Jan 20, 2020


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Christina M.


I am a portrait photographer when I am not busy crunching numbers. I enjoy creating beautiful portraits and capturing special moments that can be enjoyed for time to come.

What did Christina have to offer?

Education is the best way to impact the future of our society. The approach your organization takes is simple but innovative, and I believe it can be highly effective. I would like to help further your work! Photography is my passion and side huddle. I have been shooting semi professionally for over 3 years and love capturing moments, taking photos and then editing photos so they represent the scene as we remember it. I use lightroom and photoshop, when necessary, to edit. I am confident i can edit your photos for you so that they display nicely on your annual report.

Not only was Christina's work product amazing, but she worked efficiently, communicated well, and offered actionable insight where she had expertise. A true delight to work with.
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James B.

Volunteer Manager

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