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Mary Kay M.

Face to Face

Face to Face works to meet the basic human needs and reduce the suffering of those in our community. With hospitality we provide a safe environment and practical tools, which enable people in Germantown to confront personal challenges, empower their lives, and fulfill their unique potential.

What did Mary need?

Our website is usually the first place someone goes to find out more information about us. It ranges from a client looking for our hours and address to a large foundation looking to fund us. First impressions are critical. It is also is a place where current supporters can get information about current events and programs.

Jeanne was a fantastic collaborator, and she was nothing less than stellar, professional, and friendly the whole way through!
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Katie L.


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Jan 24, 2020


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Katie L.


I'm a UX/UI designer and popular fiction writer who's fascinated by the way people think and thrilled about creative problem-solving. I love leaving a tangible positive impact on the world with the projects I work on and through my creative pursuits--my goal is to brighten the universe a little b...
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What did Katie have to offer?

A lot of people living below the poverty line are treated with indifference or are completely, willfully overlooked. Face to Face's mission resonates with my desire to improve lives of those who have been shunned by society, and their emphasis on respect, dignity, and empathy for all people aligns with my priority of making the world a better place. I want to help in any way I can with my available skills. As a User Experience Design Immersive Fellow at General Assembly and a UX Designer at Reti360, I've gained experience in analyzing and designing websites -- particularly auditing in terms of heuristic analyses, market research, and user research (including but not limited to usability testing, contextual inquiries, and card sorting). I love breaking down the pieces that make up a website and seeing which bits work and which need refining or tinkering. Information architecture is also one of my favorite concepts under the UX design umbrella!

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