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Heidi W.

Starfinder Foundation

The mission of the Starfinder Foundation is to enhance the personal growth of underserved youth through soccer and learning experiences that engage, inspire, and motivate. Our vision is to impel youth to imagine and aspire to a lifetime of distinction.

What did Heidi need?

This project will help us create an effective web presence - to motivate, inspire, and inform donors - for our Campaign for Starfinder. The campaign is funding critical improvements to our facility and investments in our operations so that we can serve youth better. We are 80% of the way to our $1.25 million goal, and we're about to launch a big final public push to finish the campaign. The campaign progress graphic will help keep everyone motivated!

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Feb 7, 2020


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Rosemary L.


As systems thinker with a background in design, sustainability and business, I help organizations and individuals identify and deploy innovative and practical solutions that contribute toward collective social and environmental value. Particular focus and interest areas include food, agricultu...
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What did Rosemary have to offer?

While I enjoy using visuals to communication information generally, I am especially interested in the use of visuals to assist social causes. Based in the Chicagoland, I regularly witness the challenges facing disadvantaged urban youth and believe that sports can play a critical avenue in fostering a child's development and future potential. I would be honored to support the mission of Starfinder Foundation. I am trained as a graphic designer and experienced in the areas of business/social responsibility. I frequently develop informational graphics, icons, logos and data visualizations in my roles to assist in communication and engagement of complex or dry information.

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