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Heather F.

The Community's Foundation

TCF is committed to enhancing and improving the quality of life in your community. To achieve this mission... We Support: Promising Students, via our Scholarship Programs Transformational Projects, via our Grants Programs Charitable Endeavors, via Community Advised Funds and Donor Advised...
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What did Heather need?

We are so busy executing our work, that we often neglect to keep up with our marketing. One of our 3 primary goals for 2020 is to "stop being a well kept secret". We want individuals across the community to be aware of our organization, our work, and how they can get involved!

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Jan 31, 2020


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Joy Marie H.


Illustration and Graphic Design. Artsy, Friendly, Kind at Heart. I illustrate inspiration, design ideas, and photograph moments of a lifetime. Everything turns into inspiration, and the ideas become the pieces of her art. Born a Filipino in Qatar, Joy embraced diversity in the Middle East. As...
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What did Joy Marie have to offer?

Education is the key of change. It is essential that we learn for the better. Kids are motivated to learn and rely on their role models. I hope to use my skills to gain students' interest. My experience in Adobe Creative Suite help me design projects for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Thanks, Joy- we appreciate your time & attention to detail.
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Heather F.

Volunteer Manager

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