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DeAnn C.

MileStone Academy

Mission To educate our students with complex learning challenges that by fostering a nurturing and positive environment that utilizes research-based practices. We empower students to realize their strengths and capabilities, by teaching self-advocacy skills and strategies for overcoming frustr...
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What did DeAnn need?

This project is important to us because we are trying to improve our website's click and bounce rates. We are also looking to engage our audience and receive their feedback.

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Feb 11, 2020


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Kobi B.


I am a creative, passionate, team oriented thinker who loves finding, solving, and reflecting on problems. I'm most interested writing opportunities, and am eager to help your organization find its voice and deliver its message.

What did Kobi have to offer?

Access to education is very important to me, and I believe in Milestone Academy's mission to support students who have been ignored or dismissed in other academic settings. I have 4 years of professional writing experience, and am regularly asked to write in various styles. I also have also worked in and written for educational settings (as an academic tutor, director of education, peer mentor) and am confident in my abilities to write for educational purposes.

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