See how Mark's skills helped American Helicopter Museum and Education Center on a Website Content Audit project.

Allison T.

American Helicopter Museum and Education Center

The American Helicopter Museum & Education Center's mission is to preserve rotary-wing aviation history, educate society on helicopters and their missions, and inspire future generations.

What did Allison need?

We are working towards the creation of a new website that will be more modern-looking and more useful for visitors. This project and the already-completed Website Usability Audit will guide the design and content of that site.

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Feb 26, 2020


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Mark R.


I am an experienced digital product manager with over 15 years at non-profit membership associations. I am passionate about mission-driven groups, especially in areas like health, education, culture, etc. I launched a video abstracts series for the journal Pediatrics and worked on videos connec...
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What did Mark have to offer?

I love hands-on learning, museums as interactive/educational space, etc. I have a great deal of experience creating websites, looking at UX, content strategy/marketing, etc.

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