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Sokhna Khady N.

Soutoura Foundation

Soutoura seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of destitute individuals in Senegal.

What did Sokhna need?

Having a well written mission and vision statement is the first step to many other projects we plan to undertake to better our organisation.

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Feb 25, 2020


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Lisa P.


Experienced Strategy and Operations Leader with a track record of driving strategy, innovation and organizational alignment to deliver sustainable business performance. Over 25 years of management consulting experience, including Big 4 and international. Looking to apply my strategic backgr...
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What did Lisa have to offer?

It is apparent to me that Soutoura addresses an unmet need in Senegal and delivers a significant impact to those receiving their invaluable services. I also appreciate the values (from the website) around compassion, with humanity and privacy. Youth, especially, need the aid to be healthy, be "children", and obtain the requisite education so they can be positioned for success. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute my professional skills to Soutoura and help you further your mission. I have helped numerous organizations develop vision, mission, strategies, goals and performance metrics. I have facilitated strategic offsite discussions to collaboratively define and set the strategic direction and align stakeholders to gain buy-in. I ensure that all strategic components are integrated and the goals further the mission and can be demonstrably measured to demonstrate progress and impact. (I can supply examples upon request; I would need to cleanse the deliverables)

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