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Susan S.

ARTZ Philadelphia

ARTZ Philadelphia was founded on the belief that people living with dementia should be accorded the benefits of well-being and quality of life that others enjoy. We offer opportunities for interactions around arts and culture that turn this belief into reality. Our mission is to provide opportuni...
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What did Susan need?

My organization has started work on our 3-5-year strategic plan, with work led by one of our Board members and me (ED). We have realized that we need a strategic planning expert to move us forward.

Susan is a thoughtful and passionate leader of a unique organization serving an important cause. As they are at an exciting point in their growth journey, I was grateful to be able to speak with her and help out. Susan is intelligent, articulate, and was an absolute pleasure to speak with!
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Michael W.


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Feb 22, 2020


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Michael W.


I am a former investment banker who earned an MBA focused on Strategy and Human & Organizational Performance in order to help organizations who help people. I have several years' experience in the social impact space including impact investing, social enterprise consulting and nonprofit managemen...
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What did Michael have to offer?

Several professional experiences of mine qualify me to help out with this call. First, I have an MBA focused on Strategy and Human & Organizational performance. Second, I took that MBA and went straight to work in the social impact space, working as the Strategic Growth Director for a $3.5 million nonprofit before leaving to start my own strategy consulting company focused on nonprofits / social enterprises.

Michael is clearly passionate about serving non-profits, has substantial expertise and came to our call with lots of very good questions to help him better understand our organization's particular situation and needs. He gave very cogent and helpful advice that will substantially help us moving f...
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Susan S.

Volunteer Manager

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