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Mujahiddeen M.

New Freedom Institute

Citizenship, Ownership, Responsibility and Ethics

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This will get us going in the right direction and become more sustainable.

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Mar 25, 2020


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Benjamin T.


I'm currently a Product Manager in the AI-powered Travel and Hospitality space with a professional background that includes: -Management and Technology Consulting -Product and Operations Strategy -Software Development. Education in Business and Management Information Systems from The U...
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What did Benjamin have to offer?

I can't seem to find too much information about your cause, but if my understanding is correct - as a minority, I would definitely like to help advocacy representing historically disenfranchised and misrepresented peoples. Hello! I have multiple years of working with software, consumer goods and professional service industries to plan, develop and execute go-to-market and monetization strategies. I would love to get a sense of your organization's current state, as well as look at the SWOT analysis I see has already been completed, to help ideate an implementation plan. I am currently based in Tokyo, but am happy to discuss to make sure I can coordinate schedules with the team! Regards, Ben

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