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Donielle T.

Limitless Performing Arts

The founding principles of Limitless Performing Arts (LPA) are based on the belief that arts education and the development of sound bodies and mind, defines the discipline, creativity, and self-confidence needed to be productive members of society. These principles empower individuals whether the...
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What did Donielle need?

Our organization is going through a complete overhaul and a change to our website would make it easier for members and potential members to navigate all that we offer.

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Mar 24, 2020


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Rilee V.


I'm a UI/UX Designer with an affinity for understanding the modes of persuasion and applying it towards user-based design solutions. As an experienced E-commerce Specialist, I understand the growing need for a company to create an online presence that a consumer can trust and navigate through. By...
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What did Rilee have to offer?

I am a big advocate and lover for the arts. It was where I found myself during hard times and were my favorite subjects in school. I want our younger generation to be able to have that creative outlet that would be able to carry them through their lives as well. I have about 3 years of experience working with creating and updating websites through Wordpress, Squarespace, and a bit of code. I am confident I have the skill set and creative drive to help you achieve your goals with this plan!

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