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David Aaron B.

Will Trippley Foundation

Enriching children with a unique combination of soccer, counseling, and wellness.

What did David need?

This project is crucial because, due to COVID-19, we created a new program, so it needs legitimacy. It's an online program where the players meet with the coach in Zoom, then they connect online through Xbox playing FIFA 19, and the coach subsequently trains the players online through various formats and situations. It's been a hit! We want a testimonial video with the two players and their mothers. They agreed.

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May 15, 2020


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Brian C.


Brian is a commercial film director and co-founding partner of a creative video agency in Portland, ME. In addition to his professional work, he volunteers as Board Chair of a youth-development nonprofit organization, serves on a development committee for the Portland Museum of Art, and volun...
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What did Brian have to offer?

I'm on the board of a youth-serving nonprofit and we just started using the Catchafire platform to recruit skills-based volunteers to aid in our organization. With a few extra hours a day not lost to the commute, and a flexible work schedule, I'd like to return the favor and give my time back into a service that we have already benefitted from! Good afternoon. I co-founded a commercial video production company in 2011. We produce over 100 videos a year for companies and organizations large and small--for wide-ranging budgets. I can provide you with easy-to-understand tips, techniques, and best practices for capturing compelling video content and deploying to your networks. Beyond the technical aspects, I can also help you ensure your videos are engaging from a storytelling aspect, and even provide analysis on your projects after you complete them.

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