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Theresa S.

Community Education Center

The mission of the Community Education Center (CEC) is to nurture the creative efforts of individuals and organizations, and to foster interaction between artists and the wider community. The CEC provides performing artists with assistance and space in which to work, and encourages community resi...
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What did Theresa need?

Is the revision of a recently created strategic plan a possible project for one of the CatchaFire experts? I'd like to speak with someone about working with me on it.

Terry is a wonderfully passionate leader who wants the best for the organization so that it can continue to create impact in the community
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Sandy K.


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May 16, 2020


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Sandy K.


I am a management / strategy consultant with a passion for social impact and sustainability. After my experience during the earthquake in Nepal I realized that the skills I have gained through work can be leveraged to enable and empower organizations to expand beyond their current realm of impac...
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What did Sandy have to offer?

In 2019 I worked with a 50 person nonprofit to redefine their strategic plan, which included facilitating a workshop with the Board of Directors to set a direction for the upcoming three years. While it was a success in the end, it wasn't without challenges. I believe that this experience, coupled with my background working with large institutions, may be of value to CEC.

I really went into the call not knowing what to expect and with a lot of fear of sharing the center's story with a stranger. But then I thought what the heck, we all have to start somewhere. Sandy was easy to talk with; she is a great listener. She is very knowledgeable about organizational dev...
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Theresa S.

Volunteer Manager

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