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See how Elizabeth R. helped Garces Foundation on an Impact Report Graphic Design project

Robert K
Robert K.
Development Dirctor
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R.
Graphic Designer
Matched on
May 18, 2020
Hours Given
35 Hours
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What did Garces Foundation need?

Elizabeth helped Garces Foundation showcase their work by designing their impact report with compelling visuals.

Why is this project important?

We have worked with Cathafire to redesign our web site because we felt we were not communicating effectively with our target population and donors. This project will help potential donors and funders understand what services we are offering, which at present they do not. We have also had trouble communicating just how much service we provide given the size of our donor base. We are hoping this report will help communicate that.

This project will save us $4,817, allowing us to hire two more English language instructors, which could serve another 30 students for a whole year.

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Robert K
Robert K.
Development Dirctor
Final Product
Visual Design Assets
Cause Areas
Health & Nutrition
Garces Foundation
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

What did Elizabeth have to offer?

I am a trained artist and experienced graphic designer with a desire for helping important causes. I would like to use my extensive design experience to make sure your message is noticed.

Graphic Design
  • Experience designing longer-form materials
  • Working knowledge of standard printing specifications
  • Portfolio examples to share
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R.
Graphic Designer
Chatham, NJ, USA

What did they have to say?

Elizabeth was a godsend. She was wonderful to work with, showing both technical mastery and a wonderful sense of aesthetics and design. We could not be more pleased with both the process, which was a pleasure from start to finish, and the product, which far exceeds anything that we ourselves could have put together. We thank Elizabeth from the bottom of our hearts, and would love to have the honor of working with her again.

Robert K

Robert K.

Development Dirctor

About Garces Foundation

The Garces Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting Philadelphia's immigrant community with healthcare and education programs. With these critical programs, the Foundation serves as both a lifeline and springboard to the American dream.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

The Garces Foundation is like a family, but one that has a distinctive mission to help others in the community.

This is the 4th project posted by Garces Foundation.

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