See how Dion's skills helped New Freedom Institute on a Website Construction (CMS-Based) project.

Mujahiddeen M.

New Freedom Institute

Citizenship, Ownership, Responsibility and Ethics

What did Mujahiddeen need?

This project will help our organization be more effective to serve those in need.

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May 23, 2020


Have professionals like Dion help you on a Website Construction (CMS-Based) project

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Dion B.

Volunteer I am an analytical thinker with the soul of of artist. Naturally I was drawn to web site design, where I could express my technical and expressive side code coexist. As a full stack web developer, I build beautiful, functional web applications by le...
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What did Dion have to offer?

I have a passion for web development, and would like to volunteer my knowledge and expertise. I have over 10 years of web development experience, and have taken advanced learning on web development.

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