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Michele H.

Executive Director
Wyncote, PA, USA


Michele Hewitt-Webster believes in helping people achieve their goals by educating them and giving them the tools to succeed.
As the mother of a child with a learning difference, Michele volunteered to work with a group of parents, teachers and administrators to create a high school for students who learn differently and have not been successful in traditional school settings. Michele managed the project for two years, which took the idea to fruition with her do whatever it takes to get it done management style. MileStone Academy obtained a state license and opened its doors in September 2015. MileStone was granted a 501c3 from the IRS in 2017.
Michele has worked with MileStone in various capacities since the school as a Consultant until June 2019 when she was hired as the Executive Director.
As a parent, Michele was concerned with the lack of preparation students were getting in schools to help them prepare for the future. Ultimate Success 2 LLC was founded to help students and their parent's plan for the Future by developing a series of interactive workshops. These workshops help students become aware of their assets and how to transfer them to the real world. Students create long-term and short-term goals but most importantly a plan to achieve their goals. Michele firmly believes that when you demystify a process and give someone the right tools, they are more successful.
Michele also works with her husband as a Real Estate Investing. Ultimate Success Property Solutions LLC, a family-owned and run company specializes in buying homes from owners looking to sell fast, rehabbing and selling them at a fair price.