Flexible Graphic Design Support

Help At The Crossroads with critical graphic design needs over the course of 4 weeks, in areas like designing virtual flyers, program materials, and other branded digital assets.
At The Crossroads
San Francisco, CA, USA
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At The Crossroads
San Francisco, CA, USA


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Posted March 21st

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Project Details

What We Need
  • Ongoing graphic design support for 10-15 hours over the course of 4 weeks
  • Support may include: logo design, flyer design, branded assets for social media
  • Note: We devised this project to connect nonprofits and volunteers for more flexible, more immediate impact. We strongly suggest you start with 4 weeks and decide from there if you'd like to continue working.
Additional Details

This June, we are looking to host an outdoor, carnival-style "block party" where our entire community--including clients, donors, and volunteers--will have a chance to play games, eat food, and meet other members of the ATC community. This will be, in part, a fundraising event, and our projected goal is to raise $80,000 from sponsorships and donations (most of which we plan to bring in ahead of time).

Assistance needed in creating flyers, digital imagery, and an event logo to generate awareness

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have branding guide and past event collateral, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have our website to reference for our language, mission, values,, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $2,397 , allowing us to allocate resources to finding & funding other things we will need for the event like permit costs, food, games, etc... Our hope is to make this event free to attend so resource allocation is critical!

When we think about people experiencing homelessness, housing instability, and the effects of poverty, often we focus on suffering and pain. And that is a part of the truth, but people are multidimensional. Our clients and people who are experiencing housing instability also experience joy, love, and laughter, they are parents, artists, musicians, and friends. This is an opportunity to center that which is so often under-represented when we talk about homelessness.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Sharing & Goal Setting
  • Volunteer Manager provides an outline of current state of graphic design at the organization
  • Volunteer Manager provides overview of ongoing graphic design needs they have over the next 2-4 weeks
  • Volunteer and Volunteer Manager align on the scope of ongoing support that the Volunteer will provide to address this need
Step 1: Ongoing Support
  • Volunteer delivers ongoing support according to determined outline
  • Weekly check-ins to ensure support is being offered as agreed upon by both parties
Step 2: Training & Offboarding
  • Volunteer provides any relevant training to the Volunteer Manager to help them continue work, as necessary, after 4 weeks
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About The Org

At The Crossroads
Posted by
Lee R.

Communications and Engagement

Our Mission

The mission of At The Crossroads is to reach out to homeless youth and young adults at their point of need, and work with them to build healthy and fulfilling lives.

What We Do

Our innovative model focuses on young people who do not access traditional services and are disconnected from any type of consistent support. We work with young people who others have given up on, who would not get help without us. We remove common barriers to service by bringing our counselors onto the streets, and shaping our support services around the needs of each individual client. Our goal is to help our clients build outstanding lives, not just lives of subsistence.

We accomplish our mission through a combination of nighttime street outreach and one-on-one counseling, and collaboration with other service providers. We walk the streets of the Mission and Downtown San Francisco at nighttime, bringing help to our clients, rather than making them come to us. We help our clients with anything and everything they need, providing unconditional support for as long as they need to build the lives they want. We partner and advocate to make sure that there is an accessible, culturally competent continuum of care that will provide our clients with the opportunities to realize their dreams.